Episode 116: Space Wushu


Hi. We’re back.

A bit more on that:

We got busy. Not in the way Humpty did. No, just in the regular way. The way mundanities pile up, into a pile, and then you have to dig yourself out of that pile and put the pile somewhere. Oh, there’s another pile over there. I’ll just pile these piles together. There. Perfect. Wait, where did I put that thing? Oh.

So we’ll still be podcasting, if only because we love it, you, and each other. But, we probably won’t be coming to you as Monday-regularly as we did in the distant past (2015-2017). We hope that’s all right by you. Yes, you.

Thanks to all the listeners that emailed us in our absence; got at us on Twitter; supported us on Patreon; or just listened and enjoyed in any fashion while we were on holiday (I’m not actually British). Text feels like an inadequate medium to express how much we appreciate you. And unfortunately, we didn’t get around to it in this episode so much, because we’d all seen The Last Jedi recently, and therefore “decided” to just talk about that for an hour.” But yeah, we lub you. Really!

Now on with the show.


  • Should Tom see things through with the Hyperion series? We want more opinions on this.
  • Oh, the Spider-Man Clone Saga. Yep. That sure did happen.
  • If, by some chance, you find yourself interested in Spider-Man and/or comics after that clone business, you could do a lot worse than to start with Ultimate Spider-Man, an excellent intro to comics and an excellent comic book in its own right. There are other good titles in the Ultimate Marvel line, but Scott says, start with Spidey.
  • A bit on decompression in comic books.
  • More on moral luck.
  • Fred Ettish, and his revenge, courtesy of Seanbaby.
  • Want to check out some Star Wars Legends (formerly the “expanded universe”)? Tom recommends I, Jedi and The Thrawn Trilogy. Also perhaps of interest, Timothy Zahn, author of the Thrawn books, got to bring Thrawn into the official Star Wars canon, with the aptly titled, Thrawn. Thrawn!

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