Born of conversations that wouldn’t die, the Singularity Bros Podcast is a three-man effort to understand the ways in which technology is changing the human experience. While we do our homework and try to present you with intellectually-stimulating content, we admit that we are bros. We lift weights, we’re overly concerned with protein, we like to rassle—you get the picture.

Why should bros be interested in the technological singularity, the point at which technology advances so quickly it becomes impossible for us to predict what the world will be like beyond it? Well, how are we going to attempt a personal record squat on a given date if the robots take over before that? How much protein will we need after we’ve edited our genes to photosynthesize muscle mass? Are we going to need memberships at the 3D meatspace gym or will we be “lifting” 1s and 0s in a purely digital realm?

The point is, we live in the world. That’s where we run around and play and give each other high fives. Having recognized that technology is—and arguably always has been—the principle force driving change in the world, we think it’s worth paying attention to. Ya know, because of the world and stuff.

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