Episode 003: Just Wrong


This TED talk is a good introduction to Jon Haidt and his work in moral psychology.

Learn more about what Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee have to say in their book, The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies.

ANZ will turn you into Iron Man and never fire you. Promise like piecrust.

Wait But Why‘s piece on Elon Musk. It’s excellent, Zach tells me.

Vox’s plea to nerds: hack politics.

Tom carpet bombs some carbon tech news. Read more about how CO2 can be extracted from the atmosphere to make carbon nanofibers, diesel fuel, and how genetically modified algae can use it to make plastics.

You know what else isn’t an impediment to the autonomous car takeover? Their affordability.

Meet your new surgeon, da Vinci.

Bots are better than docs at diagnosing psychosis.

And at painting masterpieces. Don’t worry, there’s probably something we’re still better at than computers. Like denial.

New ways to test your blood and listen to your heart. Despite sounding like shitty nu metal lyrics, these are good things.

Gallup says we’re getting fatter.

FarmVille not real enough for you, bro? You need the farm-in-a-box.

I had the numbers wrong on what 23andMe used to cost, but the price has still come down quite a lot. Read Steven Pinker’s take on personal genomics and his experience with 23andMe.

This 3D printer is so dope, so cheap, it fucks with my head.

Way ahead of you, ANZ
“Avengers Resemble!” George Perez said that to us, for real