Buying Mushrooms Online Canada

Buying mushrooms online in Canada is fast, convenient and safe when you follow these tips for choosing a reputable seller and verifying product quality. We’ll also delve deeper into scams and other safety concerns to help you confidently navigate the growing world of hallucinogens.

Though psilocybin is illegal to sell, it’s become a daily ritual for many Canadians — and a source of excitement among entrepreneurs and scientists. The psychedelic drug is drawing interest from private investors and could soon be used to treat depression, for example. “It’s a new frontier,” says an expert on psychedelic research. “There’s a lot of momentum.”

Unlocking New Realms: Where to Buy Mushrooms Online in Canada

Toronto’s first brick-and-mortar psilocybin store opened in 2022. Since then, stores with names like Fun Guyz and Shroomyz have popped up in cities across the country. The businesses sell the drug by weight and in different strains, as well as in edibles like gummies and chocolate. Some sell syringes for precise doses.

The shops are technically breaking the law, but police have more pressing issues to deal with. Lawyer Eugene Oscapella, who specializes in drug policy, says police have discretion over whether to go after the shops and that factors may include noise complaints or reports of selling to minors. But, he says, it’s clear the legal landscape is changing as the federal government pushes for decriminalization of cannabis and similar drugs. He compares the situation to what happened when marijuana became legal in some parts of the US.