Episode 009: Automation


This one’s an automation podcast, but don’t worry, it’s totally us here: 100% grain-fed, cage-raised, robot-free people. Kill all humans! Err, I mean, thrill all humans, with this episode!

Kiva robots are cool. Less cool: all humans being replaced and starving to death.

How much money can a company save by replacing just two workers? Three and a half million dollars (over fifteen years).

Danaher reviewing Autor, showing how middle-skill, routine jobs are going away/to robots.

Ray Kurzweil wrote a book called How to Create a Mind. I think it’s about chess or something.

John Markoff covers the divide in the AI industry between AI (artificial intelligence) and IA (intelligence augmentation) in Machines of Loving Grace. Also, other topics.

Our Final Invention is the best book we’ve read on the perils of AI.

Review the Future reviews the future of virtual assistants.

An oldie but a goodie: one man’s quest to build a toaster from scratch, courtesy of TED.

Did you forget that bots are the new apps, are going to take over? This will remind you.

Phones can now detect bipolar disorder in their users. Exorbitant fees and leather couch not required.

Want to achieve digital immortality? Alexey Turchin explains how to do it.

Read about fake jobs in Europe and feel bad in a variety of ways.

Like comics? Wanna know what’s been going on in Syria the last few years? This is for you. It turns out that climate change—while completely made up by a cabal of green energy tycoons—can affect world politics.

Santens learns you up good on self-driving trucks. These definitely won’t take anyone’s job. Right?

This talk between Daniel Kahneman and Yuval Noah Harari is wonderful. So good. Just listen to it already.

Elon Musk and Sam Altman get pitched a bunch of softballs about innovation, the future, etc. Still good though.

Hey. Plant a billion trees with drones. Do it.

These ones are hard to wrap our heads around. First, an online battle that resulted in possibly $300,000 worth of obliterated value. Second, bots might be to blame for the 2010 “flash crash,” which briefly erased a trillion dollars in market value. Now, can you explain to us again how money’s not fake?

Sick of chewing? Give Soylent a try.

MECHA FIGHT! Ahem. Mecha fight.

Like books? Here are literally all of them (under 410 pages).

For instance, one of the many books in which we meet Bon Jovi and Batman.