Episode 011: Lab Grown Me


The Singularity Bros Podcast sinks its teeth into the issue of meat: eating meat, farming meat, lab grown meat. This episode also solves the puzzle of the perfect meat. You’re welcome. Spoiler alert: it’s made of people.


You may notice that we quote Mark Post as giving two distinct timeframes for the commercial viability of lab grown hamburgers. That’s because seven months ago he said 20-30 years and two weeks ago he said five years. So I think this means we’ll be eating lab grown burgers next year. Don’t you just love the LOAR?


Jane McGonigal has a fascinating story, book, app, and things to say on The Joe Rogan Experience.


Get your medicine in your marinara with genetically modified tomatoes.


“They gotta raise a whole animal for years and then they kill it. This isn’t vat stuff.” Molly Millions, from the cyberpunk classic Neuromancer.


Learn about “steak chips” here.

Your candy bar was made by child slaves.

Here’s the WHO report on meat and cancer that’s all the rage.

And here Slate rains on the designer meat parade.