Episode 016: Spacetime Science Broject


“Welcome, to the Singularity Bros Podcast.” Man, I love that guy. On this episode, the bros broam all over the map. Hear how Tom got techno-jacked for all his money. Also there’s some science and junk.

Learn about the Darkode forum and feel less safe for it.

If you want to know more about the “Fincome”—Finland’s proposed basic income experiment, and yes, we coined that—check out this piece from Vox. Also read this piece which argues rather persuasively that the land value tax (LVT) is the only ethical way to fund it.

As long as we’re on the subject of basic income, do yourself a favor and listen to our episode with Scott Santens, one of the biggest names in BIG.

Half article, half comic, this piece from Aeon magazine is a great read and a great introduction to Housing First.

Dur, Magic Leap has money

Did you really think all those wonderful apps were free? Free Is A Lie

Before you take another quiz to see which Kardashian you are, listen to this episode of Robot Overlordz and, again, feel less safe.

Here’s a totally legit business that will sell you immortality. Yup, nothing suspect here. And for more on digital immortality, check out this piece from IEET’s blog.

For a great overview of cryonics, check out Review The Future’s treatment.

If we can make pigs that don’t get sick, why not humans? We’re just pigs anyway.

Here’s the statement from the International Summit on Human Gene Editing. Not the boldest thing I’ve ever read, but at least human gene editing is being embraced.

Toward the end of the episode, we start to lose our minds a bit and go off on things like warp drives, other warp drives, the destruction of the universe and life in infinite dimensions. Then, using rigorous philosophical deduction, we discover the letter grade this universe must have earned in a higher dimensional science class.

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