Episode 018: Lenin’s B.E.A.R.D.


Totalitarianism looms large in this one. Also totally awesome dudes. Get it? I don’t get it.

We had the Robot Overlordz on our last episode for an awesome chat, right after visiting their show for a dope discussion. If you missed em, erase your shame and listen now.

Are you missing that skin-crawly feeling? Listen to this Radiolab on Facebook’s social experiments and it all comes back.

So we said some shit about people becoming more conservative 1) as they age and 2) when they have children. And shit it was. I can’t find any studies to support 1; in fact, old age might even be a time of open-mindedness. I found this article that partially supports 2, but only in the case of daughters. Look, if you want facts, go to Fox News. Wait, don’t go there either.

The Second Machine Age is a great book. Pertaining to our conversation, it has a deep but brisk overview of the myriad ways in which value isn’t tracked by GDP.

Got some time as a castaway coming up? Looking to impress (nobody except me) at a dinner party? Brush up on your political philosophy with these modern classics: John Rawls’s A Theory of Justice and Robert Nozick’s Anarchy, State, and Utopia (featuring the first appearance of the Utility Monsters, true believers).

We’re newly hip to Extra Credits and it seems pretty cool. However, the subject of this episode, Sesame Credit, seems like dystopia city.

Are you sick of me bringing up Free Is A Lie? Me too. Don’t worry though, it’s merely a phase. We’ll get through this together, just you and I. (Don’t tell the other bros.)

Remember the time the Robot Overlordz killed it on Encryption? Me too.

Are you sick of me bringing up Diaspora? Me too. But this one isn’t a phase. Diaspora 4 life muthafucka!