Episode 021: Appbundance & Sharecity



Sharing economy companies Uber and Postmates are delivering better, faster and cheaper goods and services to their customers, all at the touch of an app. But how are their workers faring? Is this a new kind of exploitation or an extension of something older? Let’s discuss!

What’s it like to sustain yourself entirely with “sharing economy” jobs? Find out in this piece on “apploitation” and its podcast accompaniment over at Theory of Everything. We had some quibbles about the coverage, which you already know, of course, since you listened to the episode. You did listen to the episode, right? What kind of Xiaoice-using weirdo only reads the show notes and doesn’t listen to the show?


Goldman Sachs knows us better than we know ourselves. Hats off, you brilliant bastards.


One of the best basic income conversations I’ve heard took place on this cryptocurrency podcast. It features Ed AKA Edzillion, and Scott Santens, our friend from episode 013.


Community Water Justice is a great group to join, if you care about water as a basic human right. Or if you’re addicted to reading infuriating articles about resource exploitation, government incompetence, and corporate greed.


Michael Burry of The Big Short fame is putting all his money in water. Sort of.


If you want to know more about Land Value Taxation (LVT), have thirty minutes, and like really British YouTube videos, then this is for you. If you have only ten minutes—but still prefer your videos with a stiff upper lip—then this is more your cup of tea.


At Singularity Bros, we’re always trying to avoid the perils of too much information. We don’t want to end up like this unfortunate Portlandia character.


Middle-aged white Americans are dying. No, really, this is an interesting story.


For the ethical clothing customer, that company I was trying to remember is Zady.


We were quite taken with this talk by Slavoj Zizek once upon a time. Half a decade later, how well do you think it holds up?