Episode 022: Oculus Grift


File:Woman Using a Samsung VR Headset at SXSW 2015 (2015-03-15 14.10.24 by Nan Palmero).jpg

The VR vanguard is here, with more troops on the way. Who’s gonna receive the VR bounty first, and what does that mean for the rest of us?

The Oculus Rift will soon be available to all—by which I mean, to anyone with a spare $600 and a computer that’s up to snuff. Is this price gouging, business as usual, both? You decide.


Oh yeah, I know technology causes just as many problems as it solves, yup, totally. In the meantime, back in reality, this baby is alive because of a Google Cardboard and the surgeon that used it.


Otto and Inga were the names I was trying to remember, when I cited the now-legendary Extended Mind paper.


With the VR age dawning, demand will grow for simulated worlds. One company is boasting a feature heretofore unseen in simulations: radical persistence.


Here’s one example of a study that found evidence that women are better than men at noticing environmental change.


Look, I know Ready Player One isn’t that good. But its premise is cool and its story is somewhat fun, especially if you grew up in the 80s at all.


We mention this episode of the Robot Overlordz again. It is worth repeating just how stupid some of Apple TV’s features are.


Is there such a thing as human nature? If so, why do so many politicians, academics and popular thinkers deny it? Find out in The Blank Slate.


I promised to give my picks for best fan-edited Star Wars stuff, but right now I’ve bookmarked a lot more than I’ve actually watched. So far, I can recommend the Anti-Cheese edits of the prequel trilogy. For a taste, here’s how the Yoda versus Dooku fight looks in the Attack of the Clones Anti-Cheese edit. And if you wanna burn through the prequels without missing much, check out A Phantom Edit, which condenses all three into a single, two-hour movie. As for the original trilogy, it sounds like the best version out there is the Despecialized Edition—if you can find it.


As long as we’re recommending cool stuff on YouTube, the movies over at Super Power Beat Down are undeniably fun. Don’t deny it.