Episode 025: Third World Brogress

monk with phone
Just thinking about the dharma and definitely not visiting pornhub. Credit to KX Studio https://flic.kr/p/gsGN79

Among other things, we talk about progress, both broreign and bromestic. (No, I will not stop.)

Before doling out that linky goodness, a word about water and places like Flint. I think I can speak for the Bros when I say, we feel bad and sad. Our podcast looks at the negatives and positives of cutting-edge issues, but we can’t deny there’s a lot of enthusiasm here about what’s on the horizon. And then you learn that, in some parts of the country, not only aren’t we advancing¬†into the future, we’re slipping back into the past.


This isn’t a call to action, but rather a call to conversation. There’s only so much signing online petitions can do for a weary heart. If you have ideas about how to get involved, please let us know. If you know a thing about water systems or have something you’d like to say about water rights, maybe you’d be interested in joining us on the show. In the meantime, check out Community Water Justice and what they’re up to.


Now on with the show (notes)!

And here are our Media Mentions! Or is it Digital Lovely Bits? Pop Culture Connectons? Settle this for us, dear listener-reader, please!