Episode 030: Dan Saunders

Give em what for, son!
Give em what for, son!

Dr. Dan Saunders, love child of Karl Marx and Rudy Ray Moore—from a future where that kind of thing is not only possible but encouraged—joins us for a ripping conversation about capitalism, appitalism, and slapitalism. Snap(italism)!

Ready for the link storm? Here goes:

  • AlphaGo vs. feeble human. By now you probably know how this went. AlphaGo is 9-1 in its professional Go record. All matches were against current or former champions. Kiss your kids goodbye and read up here.
  • The Second Machine Age. The idea, the book, the legend (probably not the last one though).
  • Automation, coming to a McDonald’s near you. Also to Applebee’s and Chili’s.
  • Dan introduced me to the concept of the boss button. I love it. Read a bit about its evolution here.
  • We return to the idea of apploitation, which we covered more thoroughly in an earlier episode.
  • I’m excited that basic income is becoming big enough news to earn some haters, like this clod, and this clown. Seriously though, folks, do you think these would-be refutations are compelling? Have you seen any that are? If so, please let us know. Don’t let us suffocate in our bubble!
  • Soooooo 62 people own as much as (the bottom) half of the world. Is this Westeros? Fuck.
  • Young men are crazy. No, but really doh.
  • We’re thinking about doing a call-in segment, but the way we record, it would probably turn out like this.

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