Episode 032: Jeff Till

Hey, where’d everybody go?

Author and home schooling advocate Jeff Till joins us to talk about how school sucks. Music to our ears.

This one ended up being a bit on the short side and we didn’t get to wax philosophical about robot teachers as much as we would have liked. Nevertheless, it was great talking to Jeff and we hope to continue this conversation in the future. (We’re all about the future.)

Ze Notes:

  • At one point I referenced Malcom Gladwell’s book Blink, but the chapter I was thinking about—an examination of the KIPP Academy—is actually in Outliers. Whoops.
  • I, for one, had no idea how much is spent per pupil per year in the American public school system. The most recent national average is $10,700, with some districts spending over $20K per student per year. Shit, that’s your basic income right there.
  • Who is this Sugata Mitra person I mention again, seemingly out of the blue this time? Who indeed.
  • The epic Elon Musk Blog Series from Wait But Why. Now available as an ebook too.
  • Check out 80,000 Hours and their career guide to “maximise [sic, they British—sick] the social impact of your career choices.”

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