Episode 041: Conner Habib on Sex and the Future

Conner Habib
Conner Habib

Writer, educator and adult film star Conner Habib stops by the show to talk about sex, the future, the occult, superpowers and a hodgepodge of other things you probably don’t want your grandmother to hear (unless she’s rad). Check it.

IRL friend Conner Habib visits and drags us down some strange rabbit holes. In addition to performing in adult films, Conner writes and teaches about sex, writing and a host of other subjects. He’s also the Vice President of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. A renaissance man, if there ever was one. If you like what you hear and want more, check out his upcoming online seminar, Pornworld: Why Pornography Is a Healthy Part of Our Culture.


Media Mentions

First, let me mention something. I’m going to divvy up the mentions by which mentioner mentions them. This way, you can figure out what we like and pick your favorite bro (spoilers: it’s not me).