Episode 045: Seth Shostak on SETI, METI and Fermi

Seth Shostak
Seth Shostak

We bros welcome astronomer and SETI rockstar Seth Shostak. Listen, learn, love.

Seth Shostak is the senior astronomer at the SETI Institute and the host of the awesome podcast Big Picture Science. He’s a remarkably nice and funny guy for how big of a deal he is. We’re shocked and grateful he took the time to chat with us, and now his generosity is your reward.

After the chat and media mentions, we bros chat some more. Chats on chats on chats. And now, before I get to the notes, a quick shoutout to Origami Conspiracy. He left us a nice review on iTunes, and through some reverse stalkage on the part of Zach, we found our way to his music. And it’s good. A little too good. Maybe that’s the conspiracy. Either way, it probably merits your investigation.


Media Mentions