Episode 053: Kyle Kingsbury on Diet, Health, Psychedelics, and Uncertainty


Kingsbu Jewel with text

His Grace, Kyle, First of His Name, the King of Sbury, takes us along on his royal progress through a host of bro-tastic topics, from BJJ to Bitcoin, and keto to killer robots.

Kyle Kingsbury is real Vitruvian Man—or as I call it, Bro 2.0. He’s a retired UFC fighter, a diet and fitness enthusiast, a psychedelic spokesperson, and a modern-day seeker. All that, and he’s hip to the Singularity!

This conversation goes, and as you can see, there are many notes to enjoy. (I also put some notes in the Media Mentions, because they seemed to belong there, and because I have OCD.) When you’re done working through those, be sure to check out Kingsbu on Twitter and Instagram (and to envy his dope lifestyle, as we all do here at MoonBase Bro).


Media Mentions


  • The Body Electric by Robert Becker and Gary Selden
  • PEMF by Bryant A. Meyers
  • A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Real talk: I was once a really big Tolle fan myself. I still like him, though I have a hard time telling if he’s wise, crazy, or both. (Dan Harris captures this confusion beautifully in his book 10% Happier.) Despite some of his more outlandish remarks and characteristics, I think his books are a pretty great point of entry into meditation and related matters.
  • The Culture High
  • Primal Endurance by Mark Sisson
  • Experiments in Truth by Ram Dass
  • The 2016 Olympics