Episode 054: John Danaher on Algocracy and Transhumanism


Danaher Jewel with text

John Danaher brings some philosophical rigor to show. He also does the impossible: makes sense of our ramblings.

John Danaher is a writer, lecturer, and futurist thinker par excellence. He’s turned his keen academic mind to the topics and problems that concern us most—automation, artificial intelligence, technological unemployment, human enhancement, etc.—and how they currently inform or contextualize some of the oldest and hardest philosophical quandaries. His blog—Philosophical Disquisitions—and podcast—Algocracy and Transhumanism—are both highly recommended.

Of particular relevance to this episode are John’s podcasts with Sven Hyholm and Hannah Maslen, his paper “The Threat of Algocracy,” his post “Moral Enhancement and Moral Freedom: A Critical Analysis,” and his blog series on Technological Unemployment and the Value of Work and Robotic and Virtual Sex. But it’s okay if you listen to our conversation first. You won’t get in trouble. I promise.


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