Episode 069: Future Left Podcast

Future Left Podcast
Future Left Podcast

Adam Simpson and Casey Rogers of Future Left Podcast join Tom and Zach to talk about progressive futurism. We get a little political in our discussion of technology, the future of work, and automation, but that is our right as free men who have once bench pressed. Say something!

While we are a futurist podcast sometimes we have to talk about the here and now, because, dammit, we live in the future. We have self-driving cars, AIs that sit on our kitchen counter answering all of our questions, virtual reality, Amazon Go automated grocery stores, and Elon Musk says he’ll be sending people to mars in 7 years. So excuse me for thinking the future is now.

Casey and Adam have interesting, leftie perspectives on the political and ideological frameworks that these futurist tech ideas will co-exist with and totally reshape. Casey is a history teacher and Adam works for a think tank where he thinks about things for a living, in, I assume, a tank. They know stuff, I’m saying.

You can hear the time we stopped by their podcast here.

Scott is still absent so it’s me, Zach, doing the notes this week. If you are reading this please email us at singularitybros@gmail.com to let us know how much better I am at doing the episode notes than Scott is. If you have specific examples they would be great to rub in Scott’s perfect face when he comes back from The Spirit Realm (I used italics because they are spooky). For real though, we miss him and wish he was doing the notes this week. Maybe he can still do them when he gets back.

Hey, that’s a great idea! This is how futuristic this podcast is. I’m predicting that in the future this post will be updated with the normal note style that you all demand and have come to expect. And honestly, you deserve it, dear listener/partner/hero.

Proper Notes Coming Soon!

Update 1/29/2017. The future came true. Here are the…


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