Episode 074: Calum Chace and The Existential Fire-Tornado


His Chace returns.

Author and friend of the show, Calum Chace (@cccalum), is back. (Back as in again. Again as in he was on the show before.) But this time, it’s for real. (It was for real last time too. I’m just playin.)


  • Trump. Well, look. I’m not gonna factcheck anything that we said. Why? Because 1) I don’t care enough and 2) I don’t even know if I could. I’m finding it harder by the day to separate the actual news from the chaff. I’ve also noticed, by the day, that my day is better if I don’t even try. Yes, I know, I’m a monster. But look, these posts and podcasts, they’re a conversation. One long, extended, extra-handsome conversation. If you have arguments to send my way for why I should care more, tips for how I can better navigate the news storm, recipes for keto (AF) smoothies, or anything else nifty, don’t hesitate to send them our way. At present, my satisficing strategy is to spend more time on real things in my humble little life and less time on “the news.”
  • Another guy we talk a lot about is Yuval Noah Harari, particularly the views he lays out in Homo Deus.
  • Calum’s Future Bites series is great good fun. Check it.
  • According to Neil Gershenfeld, the fab lab can turn just about any blueprint into reality. And, the fab lab, like the computer before it, will shrink and shrink and eventually fit in your pocket. “Too good to be true,” you say? “SHUT UP DON’T RUIN THIS FOR ME!” I reply.
  • The Second Machine Age and Rise of the Robots were good, timely reads, but they shied away from the radical conclusions of their arguments. If only someone would write a book that didn’t. And they could call it something catchy, like The Economic Singularity.

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