Episode 101: Diana Fleischman on Disgusting Stuff

Diana S. Fleischman

Evolutionary psychologist Diana Fleischman talks about what we find disgusting and why. Also, cannibalism and how great it is.

Zach and I had a great time speaking with psychologist and lecturer Diana Fleischman. Originally we planned to discuss transhuman and nonhuman ethics, but, as you’ll hear, we cover quite a bit more territory than that. Also, please send me words of encouragement for not turning this episode into yet another one on fasting, despite my temptation to at the end.

Meanwhile, in a canopy bed far, far away, Tom slept the sleep of the wicked. In fairness, it was 5am and he is an adult. Maybe the last one. No. There is another. Or maybe there isn’t. Either way.


Media Mentions™



  • Salt. Apparently, Himalayan, Celtic, or sea are the way to go. They have other minerals, or something. Yup, you know me. Totally knowing what a mineral is. That’s my deal.
  • Water and Power