Episode 102: Joe Huston on Cash Transfers and Basic Income


Please welcome GiveDirectly’s Joe Huston to the program. You won’t regret it.

Joe Huston is the CFO of GiveDirectly (Twitter), this podcast’s favorite charity (or mine, at least). You’ll notice that, despite the rambling questions and non-questions I pitched his way, Joe is expert at clearly explaining the details of cash transfers, basic income, and GiveDirectly’s various efforts on these fronts. Thanks for doing that, Joe!

Halfway through, bros Tom and Zach return from the land of peanut butter and whey protein isolate. Rejoice, brosketeers.


Media Mentions™



  • The world of Scott Pilgrim. Check out both the comics—oh snap, they in color now too!—and the movie. And then, if you can, track down the video game and play the shiz out dat biz.