Forklift Train the Trainer

forklift train the trainer

Forklift Academy is a way for an employer to certify its own employees as forklift operators. This can save the company money over contracting out forklift operator training. For larger facilities with unique or custom equipment, forklifts of a specific type, high turnover, or other factors that would make it difficult to schedule outsourced forklift operator training, train the trainer may be the best option.

In addition to saving money on outside costs, forklift train the trainer can also expedite new hires’ time to productivity by allowing them to earn their forklift certification without leaving your facility. Additionally, it can increase employee retention by showing that you value your employees and want to give them opportunities for growth within the company.

Mastering Instruction: What to Expect from Forklift Train-the-Trainer Courses

When choosing a forklift train the trainer course, look for one that is upfront about pricing and includes all the training materials you will need. It is important to select a training program that provides support for your trainers after they complete the course. It is also good to choose a program that does not require trainers to recertify every three years, as this will save you additional cost.

With a properly trained workforce, your company will be less prone to the unfortunate statistics of on-the-job accidents, injuries, and fatalities. It is estimated that about 100 workers die each week on average in the United States, many of them caused by forklifts. Having your own forklift safety training resource in-house will significantly reduce the chances that your company becomes part of those sobering numbers.