How to Choose the Best Secondary Glazing for Your Home

best secondary glazing

When you can’t install double glazing for any reason (listed property, conservation area or specialist sash windows for example) secondary glazing is an effective and cost-efficient alternative. It’s also quicker to fit and doesn’t change the appearance of your home.

The main benefit is improved thermal insulation – heat escaping through gaps in your existing windows can be a big energy waster, but an extra layer of glass will reduce this and make your home much more comfortable. It can also help cut out noise pollution from traffic and local construction, making your home quieter. URL

It can be a great solution for older homes that may not have been built with high levels of insulation in mind, or those living in areas where there’s a lot of noise from nearby buildings and roads. The second pane of glass also adds an extra level of security, protecting your property from unwanted intruders.

Secondary Glazing Excellence: Top Picks for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

There are many different systems available, ranging from DIY kits that you can install yourself to permanently fitted solutions with wooden or aluminium frames. The price will vary depending on the complexity of the system, the quality of the materials used and whether you need a fixed or removable solution.

The best systems are made from aluminium because of its strength, longevity and recyclability. Some are designed to blend in with the aesthetic of a characterful period home, while others can be removed and stored away for summer use. It’s important to have any installation professionally carried out, not only for safety reasons but so that the system can be installed properly for optimal energy savings and noise reduction.