Questions to Ask an Immigration Lawyer

As the name suggests, Ask an immigration lawyer specializes in helping people with various legal issues related to their status as immigrants. During a consultation, attorneys will ask you questions about your background and your situation. After gathering this information, they will provide their professional opinion on your case and possible outcomes.

It’s important to ask plenty of questions during a consultation. Attorneys should be open to these questions and willing to explain their reasoning. If an attorney appears uninterested in your case, this is a red flag and you may want to consider other options.

A good attorney will likely have experience with the kind of immigration issue you’re facing, so it’s a reasonable question to ask. They should be able to tell you about past cases they’ve handled that were similar to yours and how they were successful. However, they should be clear that they can’t guarantee a certain outcome.

Ask an Immigration Lawyer: Your Questions Answered

Another important question is whether the attorney has a clean record. If they’ve been reprimanded or disciplined for unscrupulous behavior, this isn’t something you want to deal with. It’s also worth asking how they communicate with clients. Many large firms shuffle clients between attorneys and non-lawyer associates, which can make it difficult to reach the person you need.

Finally, you should ask the attorney if they will enter into a written contract with you. This should include all fees and payment terms. It can help prevent misunderstandings and avoid any lingering problems down the line.