Episode 027: Atlas Debugged



Wait, why am I serving humans again?

Atlas can now take a beating and stand up for itself. (I can’t wait till they install its anger unit, and a sword arm.) This latest iteration of Atlas, along with other advances in robotics, further assails the faltering idea that humans can never and will never be replaced. Continue reading “Episode 027: Atlas Debugged”

Episode 026: Crypto Knight

Image courtesy of vectorolie at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Is Apple the champion of encryption and privacy, or are they just repairing their public image after the iCloud leaks and Snowden embarrassments? Or, both? We don’t know! On with the show!

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Episode 025: Third World Brogress

monk with phone
Just thinking about the dharma and definitely not visiting pornhub. Credit to KX Studio https://flic.kr/p/gsGN79

Among other things, we talk about progress, both broreign and bromestic. (No, I will not stop.)
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