Advantages of Cantilever Gate Design

While a traditional sliding gate opens/closes via wheels that run along a track installed in the ground spanning your entrance, cantilever gates work without touching the ground. This makes them more versatile than traditional slides, allowing them to be used in locations with limited space or uneven terrain.

Cantilever gate design are a great choice for commercial or industrial applications as they provide increased security and accessibility for vehicles. They are also very smooth to operate, reducing the amount of load on a gate operator. Since the carriages are suspended on a track and not the ground, they can even travel at an incline without issue.

Innovative Cantilever Gate Designs: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Property

In addition to their versatility, cantilever gates are also easier to maintain than swing gates. Unlike swing gates, which require frequent greasing to keep them running smoothly, cantilever gates run on nylon rollers that can be kept clean of debris and rust.

Another advantage of cantilever gates is their ability to span larger openings. This is accomplished by using a counterbalance portion that is 50% of the overall gate width. The gate is then supported on both sides of the counterbalance portion and hung from two gate support posts with one latch post.

When designing your cantilever gate, it is important to keep in mind the height of your desired gate. The gate’s height will affect its weight and therefore the number of supporting posts and rollers needed. Additionally, it can also increase the impact of wind load on the structure. If this is not absorbed correctly, it could result in structural damage or collapse.