The Mysterious Andrew Tate

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In the world of boys and men online, Andrew Tate is a figure of mythic proportions. He’s a big-screen hunk, all muscle and priapic display, like a two-dimensional superhero from a comic book. He’s an expert in kickboxing, a kung fu star and the host of his own podcast. He’s also a high-speed bellicose debater and interrupter like Ben Shapiro, a Star Wars nerd, and an ally of InfoWars’ Owen Shroyer. Tate’s awe-inspiring biceps and slickly tailored outfits make him stand out in the crowded landscape of men’s entertainers.

Until his andrew tate clipart in Romania on December 27, Tate had commanded a vast following, mostly among young, disaffected men. His videos promoted an ultra-masculine lifestyle of sports cars and private jets. He’s made a fortune off his brand of “frank and honest” masculinity, which he says reflects real manhood. He talks about heartbreak and trauma as the natural struggles of manhood, and he claims to have the gangster’s wisdom of Michael Corleone.

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Despite his reputation for misogynistic rhetoric and hate speech, Tate’s online followers are unwavering in their defense of him. The men I spoke to viewed him as their own version of Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor who decried the way that women’s rights activists use psychology to subvert society. They were largely unaware of the accusations that he’s being held for human trafficking, but they were quick to defend him in the event that police investigate his TikTok clips for evidence of exploitation.